And yet we can’t help mooning over Jasper National Park’s photogenic prowess. Seriously, this place is Zoolander-level, really, really, ridiculously good looking. And although we adore all the classic pictures of iconic landmarks, there is something magical about a backdrop of stars against our mountainous silhouette.

The Jasper Dark Sky Preserve has been thrilling star-watchers since the Royal Astronomical Society in Canada awarded it official designation in 2011. Jasper’s limited light pollution creates ideal conditions for dark sky viewing and ours is the second largest dark sky preserve in the world.

Every October, astronomers both amateur and expert gather in this gorgeous corner of the Rocky Mountains for the Jasper Dark Sky Festival (this year’s two-week celebration is happening Oct. 18–27; get tickets now!)

Among the fantastic events lined up is a four-day dark sky photography workshop with Jeff Bartlett and Jack Fusco. Below are some of the stunning images they’ve captured of Jasper after the sun has set.