Jack Fusco Photography

Why it’s great: A classic spot just minutes from town that should be on everyone’s list of places to shoot the stars.

Composition tips: You can use the bridge to the island as a great leading element in the foreground to your photo. Alternatively, venture out to the end of the island for an unobstructed view of Pyramid Mountain.

Gear tip: This location is best shot with a wide angle lens.


Jeff Bartlett Photography

Why it’s great: This scenic spot is surrounded by mountains with an unobstructed view of the stars. Catch the Milky Way over the horizon during the spring months.

Composition tips: Although most of the lake drains in the winter months, you’re still likely to find water on the lake bed. Make your way to the edge for great reflections!

Gear tip: A tripod that allows you to set up close to the ground will help capture reflections off the lake.


Jack Fusco Photography

Why it’s great: A bit further from town means even darker skies! On a windless night, you’ll also capture the star filled sky reflecting off the lake!

Composition tips: Shoot from the shoreline and include the boathouse for an extra foreground element.  You can also shoot from the bridge to get an amazing view down the lake.

Gear tip: When shooting from the bridge, use a focal length between 14mm and 24mm to best capture the lake, mountains and sky all in one shot!


Jack Fusco Photography

Why it’s great: Easily accessible with an incredibly rewarding view.

Composition tips: Try shooting from the trail on both sides of the falls as well as the bridge on your way across.

Gear tip: Make sure to have a sturdy tripod with a higher maximum height. This will allow you to safely shoot from above the fence while staying on the designated trail.


Jack Fusco Photography

Why it’s great:  Only a few minutes from town and just a short walk from Jasper Park Lodge and you’ll find yourself a gem of Jasper. Home to my favorite Dark Sky Festival event: Stargazing at Lake Annette.

Composition tips: Keep an eye out for the Milky Way! At the right time, it lines up vertically across the lake and makes for a stunning image!

Gear tip: A wide angle lens with a fast aperture (f2.8 or faster) will help you capture an amazing amount of detail in the sky.


Jeff Bartlett Photography

Why it’s great: A beautiful view of the iconic Pyramid Mountain with the town below.

Composition tips: This location makes it pretty hard to walk away with anything but an amazing image. Set up from the walkway on the bridge that crosses the Athabasca River, or right along the shore for a great shot!

Gear tip:  A wide angle lens will help capture part of the lake while a 50mm lens will put Pyramid Mountain front and center in your frame! Don’t be afraid to try both focal lengths!


Jack Fusco Photography

Why it’s great: Panoramic views of the entire night sky from the top of the mountains!

Composition tips: Keep your eyes and camera facing north for a chance at capturing the Northern lights over Jasper!

Gear tip:
Bring extra batteries! Because you’re going up in elevation, the temperatures might be around 10 degrees cooler. The lower temps can drain your camera battery even quicker.