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Want to experience celestial delights in Jasper’s dark sky? Join the astronomers from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada’s Edmonton Centre at this free event for views through their telescopes of solar system and deep space objects. From our neighbor, the moon, to distant nebulas and galaxies, the sky is full of surprises! In case of cloud, we will have telescopes on display, photos and information to share, and conversations about all things astronomical. (Rain may force cancellation.)

About Us

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is Canada’s leading astronomy organization bringing together over 5,000enthusiastic amateurs, educators and professionals. The RASC Edmonton Centre, established in 1932, exists to promote the advancement of astronomy and allied sciences as well as to increase public awareness of astronomy as an enjoyable hobby and as an important scientific endeavor.

The RASC Edmonton Centre offers local programs and services to stimulate interest in and educate the public in astronomy, including monthly meetings, dark site observing sessions, public observing, public education, an annual star party and special events such as hosting high profile astronomy speakers and astronomy workshops.

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